🀝FreeBnk Partnerships

FreeBnk aims to expand its user base, scale its services, and establish a wide institutional network in collaboration with prominent leaders in the crypto industry.

Thanks to its partnership with Fireblocks and InsurAce, FreeBnk ensures its treasury and insurance services operate smoothly. Fireblocks provides asset custody and operational services globally, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, and France. With a customer base of 1,800 entities, Fireblocks offers valuable services to renowned customers such as Revolut, BlockFi, and eToro. Meanwhile, InsurAce is a decentralized protocol that offers secure protection services to DeFi users. It provides insurance policies covering various risks, including smart contract vulnerability, custodian risk, stablecoin depegging, and more.

FreeBnk benefits from Fireblocks' support in maintaining its structure and treasury service, as well as ensuring the successful implementation of its $30 million treasury insurance through their partnership.

In partnership with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) services provider Subsumb, FreeBnk has developed its regulator-friendly DeFi policy and KYC feature. Subsumb already boasts an extensive customer base and offers various verification and compliance services, including user verification, business verification, and transaction monitoring.

One of FreeBnk's major initiatives is the creation of a customized aggregator protocol that will connect more than 35 CeFi and DeFi exchanges, empowering investors to choose the best trading strategies. FreeBnk ensures the aggregator protocol operates successfully through its partnerships with Woorton, Wintermute, and LIFI.

Woorton is a liquidity provider offering market-making and other financial services in the digital assets industry. It has offices in Paris, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, and Singapore. Wintermute, another leading liquidity provider and market maker, offers liquidity network and digital asset exchange services, with offices in London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, and Singapore. Initially developed as a decentralized exchange protocol, LIFI now provides various services, including liquidity aggregation and Web3 exchange services.

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