🥌FreeBnk’s Approach

Unique Hybrid Approach

FreeBnk employs a groundbreaking hybrid procedure that prioritizes security and user satisfaction through MPC wallet technology, eliminating the need for seed phrases.

Extensive Token Support

Access up to 12,000 tokens from nearly all chains, streamlining transactions without the hassle of separate wallets or gas tokens.

Competitive Pricing

Connected to more than 35 DeFi liquidity sources and aggregators, FreeBnk ensures competitive pricing, simplifying transactions with a straightforward fee structure deducted from existing tokens.

Customer Service

Enjoy round-the-clock in-app customer service, providing direct access to human representatives for quick solutions, with full transparency to view blockchain data for all transactions.

Decentralized Capabilities

Explore diverse decentralized opportunities seamlessly within our secure app, including access to staking through curated DeFi pools for optimal returns.

Security Assurance

While sharing your private key is necessary, our MPC technology ensures top-notch security, backed by $30 million insurance coverage against hacks and cyberattacks, with plans for individual portfolio insurance extension.

Future Financial Planning

Ensure seamless access for your loved ones in unforeseen events with our comprehensive inheritance plan.

Mass Adoption Potential

We believe FreeBnk's hybrid model holds the key to mass adoption, presenting a compelling investment opportunity in the decentralized finance landscape.

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